Applecross, Highland


The Applecross peninsula in Wester Ross, Highland, on the North-West coast of Scotland, has been named at least 1300 years ago.

To access the village from Loch Carron you must start at the bottom of the mountain, reach the top, and then going down at the bottom of the other side. We can definitely say that was one of the scariest day of our life.. It’s one of the highest and inaccessible road in Britain!

The fog was so thick, we couldn’t see one meter away. The road so narrow, the cars couldn’t cross each other except through the passing places. The wind was so furious, the car was shaking. The cliffs were so abrupt and the fences, well, no necessary in place!



But on the home straight, the prettiness and the peacefulness of this treasure of Scotland was worth all the scares..!

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