Kilchurn Castle, Argyll and Bute


This atmospheric and picturesque castle is a must see! Take your time to explore with comfortable footwear and a camera. We have been visiting it twice, and twice it was raining and a heavy fog was all around, but it doesn’t take the charm off this amazing and spectacular jewel.

When you park for Kilchurn Castle, it almost seems as you are trespassing as there is no indication sign. The car park is a challenge to find but it is well worth the effort.

Kilchurn Castle was built in the mid-1400s, and it remained the base of the mighty Campbells of Glenorchy for 150 years.

After the first Jacobite Rising of 1689, Kilchurn was converted into a garrison stronghold, but was deserted in 1760. A lightning badly damaged the castle and since then, it has been completely abandoned. The remains of a turret of a tower, still resting upside-down in the centre of the courtyard, attest to the violence of the storm.

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