The Pentland Hills, Edinburgh

The Pentland Hills Regional Park, 6-hour walk to reach three summits was really worth the aches! Exhausting but exhilarating…

A walk in the Pentland is one of the great joys on a weekend for Edinburgh folks. The hills, the paths, the reservoirs and an opportunity to pack a picnic and enjoy a grand day out walking is just such a great escape from the pandemonium of city life.

This is a wonderful place to go, deep in the countryside, but at the same time so close to Edinburgh. Whether you’re a runner, walker, rambler, cyclist or simply pushing a stroller, there are a welter of tracks, trails, and road to enjoy.

The land within the Pentland Hills Regional Park comprises of over 30 landowners and farmers. Most of the land is privately owned, with the City of Edinburgh Council, Midlothian Council, West Lothian Council and Scottish Water owning and maintaining small sections.

The Pentland Hills including the highest of the hills, Scald Law, can be walked in a 10-mile circular which also takes in Turnhouse Hill, Carnethy Hill, Scald Law and East and West Kip. This walk will take around 5 hours minimum and gives a fantastic day in the hills.

Walk start: The Regional Park car park behind the Flotterstone Inn. You can get to the Pentland Hills by bus from Edinburgh.

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