Circus Lane, Edinburgh

One of the things that renders Edinburgh so special to us is the endless labyrinth of cobbled streets and stone houses that can be found there. Even after living in the city for few years, there is always an area to surprise you, or a street that takes your breath away, even on the greyest of Scottish days.

Circus Lane, is our favorite street in Edinburgh. This beautiful spot is ideal for a quiet walk and some lovely photos. No matter how many times we have been there, we are always amazed. You will come away with serious house envy to rival any mews in London…

It is easy to find Circus Lane. When you find yourself in New Town, walk downhill in the direction of Stockbridge but turn right before Royal Bank of Scotland to take Circus Lane on your way. It lies just behind St Stephen Street, which is one of the main bar-filled areas in Stockbridge. You can incorporate a visit for a few snaps with a walk through Dean Village and along the Water of Leith.

It is no wonder every Edinburgh photographer seems to be in love with it. You will find Circus Lane many times on social media that you could kind of expect it to not be that pretty in real life. But believe us, it is! The unusual architecture here is not typical at all of Edinburgh’s sweeping Georgian terraced houses, but is more like something you would find in a small village in the Highlands. The streets are cobbled in a classic Edinburgh style, but the buildings themselves are small, stone cottages, covered in ivy and flowers, with pastel-colored benches strewn along the street.

It takes a few minutes to walk down. It is just a lane, but a very gorgeous one… It is a really nice place to do a bit of a detour while you are in the area.

This particular visit we did was in June, when it happened to be quite rainy. But it is never hard to find a grey drizzly day in Edinburgh, so you will probably be in luck if you want the lane to yourself on one of those classic Scottish days.

A visit down to Circus Lane is the perfect gateway into the rest of Stockbridge, dropping you down almost right next to the farmers’ market, held every Sunday morning.

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