The beautiful shades of a blooming Spring in Edinburgh

Scotland awakens from its winter sleep..

Edinburgh is home to an abundance of trees, parks and green spaces, liberally dotted around the city, and a visit in the Springtime offers a riot of colours and scents as the first flowers begin to bloom and trees start to blossom.

Enjoy the crocuses coming up on every little bit of city centre green, admire Princes Street glowing in pink with the bloom of the Cherry Trees, or stroll along Jawbone Walk across the Meadows and watch Edinburgh’s flora come to life.

The best place, however, to see the full impact of Spring is the Royal Botanic Garden! Just a 30-minute walk from the city centre, the gardens are a quiet oasis for everyone enthusiastic about flowers, plants or anything pretty in general (free entry).

We know it, Edinburgh is beautiful in any season, but there is something magical about the Scottish capital in Spring. Spring in Edinburgh means flowers blooming wherever you look..

It might be only 2 degrees more than usual, but the locals take Spring very seriously. Edinburgh is a city of changeable weather, sometimes with all seasons in one day! The good thing about Spring is that the weather is warming up, and the daylight hours are getting much longer.

Because of its position in the north, Edinburgh has super long days in summer, but in April you can already expect it to be light until about 8.30pm, which means beautiful evenings that have you already getting the summer feels.

The weather is unpredictable during most of the year but April and May have the average lowest rainfall, which is definitely a reason to visit Edinburgh in Spring!