Signal Rock Walk, Highland

Signal Rock is located within the woodlands of An Torr a National Trust site of beauty, there are many stories linked to Signal Rock but it is most famous for its connection to the Glencoe Massacre. A lovely short walk through coniferous plantation reputed to be a gathering place for the MacDonalds of Glencoe at times of trouble, and the place where, according to legend, the signal was given by the Campbells to start the infamous Glencoe Massacre on 13th February 1692.

The story claims this is where a fire was started at 5am to give the signal to the soldiers to begin the vicious attack on the village, but local experts claim this is not correct and the rock was used for other purposes.
The rocks original title is “Tom a Ghrianain” meaning the knoll of the sun, and it is said that Druids used this rock because it’s a great location to view the rising of the sun and the sun setting and used for worshipping the sun.

It is also claimed that this was a meeting place of the MacDonalds to reach in case of an emergency, or the site where a beacon would be lit by the clan to warn of any dangers and this could be another link to the Glencoe Massacre.
Whatever the correct reason Signal Rock is still a historical location and deserves a visit.

The path to Signal Rock, also known as Hill of the Sun, is one that takes you through ancient woodland and across rivers. Multi-trunked trees thick with moss and lichen towering up either side of the path. Follow the path and you will come across a sign for Signal Rock, taking you up a mossy hillside.
As you emerge from underneath the canopy, you will be able to see the peaks of the three sisters rising high.

This was an unplanned walk. As we were driving, we were just looking for a parking space to get some rest, stretch the legs and there we found the sign. Scotland and its rich History keeps surprising us and offering us its legacy with beauty and simplicity.
The abundance of trees, rivers, wild and calm gave us the rest and peace we were looking for.

Length: 1.5 miles
Time: 1 – 1.5 hours
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