The Wall Coffee, Edinburgh

There are so many places in Edinburgh that we love to go for a coffee, but The Wall is in our top 3!!

Located at the edge of Old Town, it all starts with a view. Cockburn Street brings you back into Middle Age, surrounded by old buildings that have lived so many lives.

And then you push the door 45, and here you are in the most lovely, welcoming and friendly Coffee Shop that Old Town is blessed with.

We have been there so many times, during the busy Festival, or having a nice coffee in terrace by a quiet afternoon of summertime, or even seeking the warmth and cosiness of Christmas Spirit when we couldn’t feel our fingertips. All situations are excuses to enjoy the best Flat White in town. Their Elektra Italian coffee machine will drive you crazy too!

Because a coffee only is too lonely, feel free to add a little bit of Mediterranean flavour for the full exquisite experience with their Yummy Bagels and Toasties. And if you still have some space, you can’t refuse their homemade pastries!

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