Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Tobermory is a delightful, colourful, and easily walkable wee port town on the Isle of Mull. It was built as a fishing port in the late 18th century and is now the main town on Mull. The port with its colourful harbour-front buildings was the setting of children’s TV show Balamory.

Everyone needs a splash of colour in their life. Tobermory’s picturesque waterfront flaunts its brightly-coloured buildings against a backdrop of rolling hills and leafy woodland. This bonnie sight has earned the humble harbour its reputation as one of the prettiest in all of Scotland. Visitors come on day trips, cruise ships, and staycations for their wee slice of Tobermory life.

It is a picture-postcard of a place with the brightly painted buildings along the main street to the pier and the high woodland-fringed hills surrounding the bay. The town has a good variety of shops, hotels, and other accommodation as well as being the administrative centre for the island. The harbour is always busy with fishing boats, yachts and the ferry to and from Kilchoan. In recent years, the island has become very popular for weddings in a romantic atmosphere.

_ Three wee facts about Tobermory _

Its iconic waterfront shot to stardom in the children’s TV series Balamory. Parents across the UK – and even as far away as Australia – will be all too familiar with the “What’s the story in Balamory?” theme tune!

It was built as a fishing port in 1788, as designed by renowned Scottish engineer Thomas Telford – who was also responsible for the marvel that is the Caledonian Canal.

Rumour has it, the wreck of a Spanish galleon which sunk in 1588 lies somewhere in the bay – allegedly with a heavy cargo of gold!

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