Midhope Castle, West Lothian

With the increased popularity of the American TV series Outlander the Estate is experiencing increased interest in Midhope Castle which is located on a private area of the Estate near Abercorn. The castle, known fictionally as ‘Lallybroch’, is used as an exterior film location during both Season 1 and 2.

Hopetoun grants public access to the exterior of the castle but all visitors must adhere to some guidelines and obtain a vehicle pass to visit. As the castle is located in a very busy farming area of the Estate access may be denied on some days safety reasons.

As an Outlander fan in Scotland one can not forget to visit Jamie’s home Lallybroch. The house itself looks remarkably good for being over about 500 years old. The £10 entry fees are paying for security , and we believe some exterior preservation.
It is not a building one can enter and explore looking for the free standing fireplace and massive stairs as the floors are missing or close to it. It is the site you see in the show and walking through the arched gate and sitting on the front stoop is just awesome!

Though the house appeared larger in the show, it is worth the visit.

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